Kootenai River Devlopment Council Projects

Libby and the surrounding area is emerging from its past as a Superfund site and the prolonged 15+ years of clean-up. Recently community leadership has focused on strategies to create and strengthen a positive identity as an appealing place to live, a dynamic place for business and enticing destinations for visitors. These activities are creating awareness, momentum and confidence for our citizens, effectively creating a tipping point for our community and region.

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Rail Rehabilitation for the Kootenai Business Park

Rail Rehabilitation for the Kootenai Business Park
Lincoln County Port Authority announces a grant award of $750,000 from the U.S, Economic Development Administration. These funds will be used toward construction and rehabilitation of the rail spur accessing BNSF’s mainline in the Kootenai Business Park. This is the Lincoln County Port Authority’s number one strategic priority. Rail spur access to the main line of the BNSF’s Great Northern Railway, combined with the site access of 400 acres of industrial ground is a scarce development commodity, further supporting the value of this particular strategic investment. The grant award from EDA will firmly anchor our efforts to have a rail spur active by mid 2017.

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Libby Troy 20/20

Libby/Troy 2020
Lincoln County has recently completed a year-long project to involve the community in re-shaping a new brand that encompasses the area broadly to be known as “The Kootenai.” A partnership among Lincoln County Commissioners, The Kootenai River Development Council (KRDC), the University of Montana and PartnersCreative has resulted in a focused new brand messaging system and the start of a plan to engage the community as well as attracting visitation to the region.

Master Trail Plan for the Greater Libby Area

Master Trail Plan for the Greater Libby Area
The Kootenai River Development Council has commissioned a plan for trails and recreation in the greater Libby area for non-motorized use. This Plan is now complete. Part of the scope and integral to the Plan is the assessment of leadership capacity to guide and coordinate trail plan implementation and other related needs. This report effectively begins the discussion on the creation of an outdoor recreational planner position for the Libby area.
Download Final Trails Plan (17.3 MB PDF)

Visitor Assessment

Libby/Troy Visitor Assessment
Building upon the Community Prosperity Forum series in 2014 – 2015 KRDC have been awarded a Montana Main Street Grant for a Visitor Assessment and Short Term Action Plan through Cygnet Strategies, a community development consulting company (Helena, MT). The formalization of fact finding, investigation and a wrap up report generating a short term action plan will serve the next steps - a catalyst to take years of local street conversations to a more productive level and establish a work plan.

Shay Steam Locomotive

Shay Steam Locomotive
The Heritage Museum and the Kootenai River Development Council (KRDC) are pleased to announce that the Museum in Libby has been awarded two $5,000 grants for the purpose of writing a Strategic Plan to create an “Operating History” Exhibit for the Museum’s 1906 Shay #4 Steam Locomotive and 1876 passenger/baggage train car. The first grant is from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation in Missoula. The matching grant comes from the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund (BSTF), through the KRDC.