Lincoln County Business Financing

We will ask you to submit a loan application and the supporting documentation to generally include cash flow projections, historical tax returns, and a business plan. To assist with your initial evaluation we have attached templates for your convenience.

What do we fund?

  • Purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate; building and leasehold improvements, machinery, inventory, working capital, and business acquisition
  • All business sectors including health services, manufacturing, professional and technical services, some retail, wholesale trade
  • Offers employment opportunities to local citizens

What is the typical loan amount and what are the terms?

  • The amount of our business loans range from $10,000 to $250,000, but we can also access funds from other programs.
  • The amortization ranges from 3 to 20 years, but we typically balloon the loan within 10 years.
  • Interest rates are assessed on risk and economic benefit, typically from 5-6%, fixed. No pre-payment penalties.
  • Loan fees are 1%. Borrower is responsible for typical closing costs associated with closing the loan.
  • We can help structure a deal where there may be multiple sources included in the project.

What collateral is needed?

  • We accept real estate, business equipment, and certain personal property as collateral. First position is not required.
  • Guarantees of the principals are required.

Applications & Resources:

Application (PDF)
Business Plan Outline (PDF)
Feasibility of an Idea (PDF)
Incentives & Funding for Business Expansion (PDF)
Cash Flow Template (Exel Doc)
Source and Use Template (Exel Doc)